25 March 2024

According to the Financial Times, coronavirus cases are growing faster in the US than in any other country.

It’s day 65 since the first case of coronavirus disease was announced in the United States. Johns Hopkins reports 69,018 (55,222) cases and 1,042 (797) deaths, an increase of 96 and 150 percent, respectively, since Sunday.

Look at Singapore, South Korea. Those lines are… flattening. Guess what they did? Tested, quarantined/isolated, locked down.

When did the US have 100 identified cases? Day 42, on 02 March.

  • And 200 identified cases? Day 45 (232).
  • And 400 identified cases? Day 48 (530).
Financial Times graph of covid19 cases by country
The Financial Times daily trends chart shows the growth rate for identified cases. The x-axis represents the number of days since the 100th case. US cases are growing faster than any other country that they are tracking. This could be an artifact of our extremely delayed start in testing (which is still not widespread) but may also reflect delayed social distancing measures.


Remember, avoid nominal data comparisons. What do the per capita numbers look like?

  • Italy: 1,224 deaths/million and 1,230 cases/million
  • Spain: 78 deaths/million and 1,059 cases/million
  • Iran: 25 deaths/million and 322 cases/million
  • France: 20 deaths/million and 392 cases/million
  • Switzerland: 18 deaths/million and 1,259 cases/million
  • USA: 3.15 deaths/million and 209 cases/million
  • China: 2.34 deaths/million and 58 cases/million (these are suspect)



A reminder that the alarm bells are incessant but officials are wearing both ear plugs and ear muffs when the subject is COVID-19 in our prisons and jails.


Domestic situation (and testing)

Domestically, New York is our hot spot.


Tests remain an issue.



Politics: “Wuhan virus” and reelection

The Trump Administration, ignoring its own medical team (the CDC), continues to refer to COVID-19 the “Wuhan virus” or the “China virus.” This classic Trump rhetorical style became an impediment to the G7 agreeing upon a joint statement about the crisis.

Despite being hard hit states, the White House has not released disaster unemployment funds for California, New York or Washington.

President Trump interjects complaints about media coverage as a negative factor in his re-election campaign.


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