20 March 2024
mar 20, 2020

US deaths are now in 30 states, identified cases approach 20,000

Deaths in Italy on Friday increased almost 50% over Thursday

Florida beaches closed; 1-in-5 Americans are staying at home

It’s day 60 since the first case of coronavirus disease was announced in the United States. Johns Hopkins reports 260 deaths, an increase of 27 percent from yesterday.

Identified cases from state departments of health are 17,510, an increase of 46 percent from yesterday. Testing is beginning to ramp up.

  • US has identified ~20,000 cases, deaths in 30 states
  • In Italy, deaths increased almost 50% from Th to Fr
  • Florida beaches are closed
  • Governors in three states have told one-in-five Americans to stay home
  • In Tennessee, Elvis Presley’s Graceland is now closed to the public
  • President Trump has limited non-essential travel between Mexico and the United States via executive order


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