21 March 2024
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US jumps to third place in total identified cases worldwide with 26,747

Italy closes all non-essential businesses; more states direct citizens to stay at home

It’s day 61 since the first case of coronavirus disease was announced in the United States. Johns Hopkins reports 340 deaths, an increase of 31 percent from yesterday. Identified cases from state departments of health are 24,043, an increase of 37 percent from yesterday. Testing is continuing to ramp up.

The US (26,747) has jumped to third in the world in identified cases, behind China (81,348) and Italy (53,578) in the Johns Hopkins dashboard. On 18 March, we were eighth. However, those numbers do not reflect the relationship between cases and total population of the country (potential cases).

Context: Italy’s case load is 878.3/million; the US is 86.3/million; and China is 58.7/million


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